The Equine Assisted Learning Programs

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My Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs  are an awesome, 

experiential approach to teaching self-development, problem recognition, problem solving, decision-making and educational skills. 

My programs are intended to build Resiliency and Self-development skills by being educated by a horse and a facilitator.

Learn Team Building and Leadership skills, reading and math skills from a herd of horses. 

It's true,

Equine Assisted Learning programs can improve your Mental Health and Wellness by showing you how to think before you react, to look to others for help, to recognizing your anxiety and being part of a community that works together where every one matters and works to get it done.    

Travel the journey through the eyes of the horses. It is a proactive approach to empowering individuals through group interactive exercises which are objective-based with a focus on 

"Everyone Matters"

Through carefully designed team exercises, Kawartha Corral's EAL programs use the horses natural herd instincts to provide participants with an opportunity to engage in team emphasized exercises. 

The horses’ sensitive nature, awareness of their surroundings and herd instincts make them exceptional teachers of leadership and team building.  Working together with groups, the herd of horses look for a leader, the same kind of patient and compassionate, clear and confident leader that people seek. Our facilitators along with a horse guides the participants through our many experiential programs.

"Resiliency and Self-Development for Youth"

Our building block program for youth is designed to build "Resiliency and Growth" to help young people to bounce back. To bounce back from a tramua or unhappy situation.

It is an objective-based learning program where participants work in groups with horses through carefully designed obstacles and problem solving exercises. Learning to make your own choices and grow your wellness and mental health. This program runs weekly for 8 weeks.

"Recreation for Special Populations"

Recreaction for Special Populations is a great personal development program to increase your problem recognition, problem solving, communication and life skills. This 1.5 hour program Offered to those with Developmental Disabilities, Anxiety, PTSD, and Mental Health issues. 

Available as individual, weekly or monthly sessions or Group sessions

"Family Fun"

Are you looking for something completely different and fun to do with your family?

Do you struggle to compete with all the TV and Video games?

Then let our horses be your guides!  

Equine Assisted Learning is a unique approach to building relationships, communication, leadership and team-building skills with the family. Have fun and what team could be more important than the one you share your life and your home with? 

Join us for an afternoon of horseplay and learn what makes your family tick. We’ll customize a unique horse experience for you based on your family objectives and select exercises that will help improve communication, understanding and respect for each other. And best of all, we’ll deliver it in a unique and unforgettable way, using our horses as guides.

$ plus hst/family

(up to 5 participants)

"Date Night"

Couples who play together, stay together! 

Choose our unique horse experience for your next "Date Night" and spend a fun evening with your partner and our horses! 

Our couples sessions focus on communication, trust and keeping the spark alive through fun problem solving exercises with our horses.

Working together with our horses on the ground through the challenges. You will learn how our horses share their perspective to help us learn and discover some new things about each other, about co-operating! 

This unforgettable horse experience is unforgetable fun as you test and challenge each other to accomplish the goals and grow closer together.

plus hst/couple

"Ladies Night"

Join us for an evening of horse play! 

There is just nothing like the bond that develops between women and horses. 

It’s an experience, a connection like no other and they teach us so much in the process.

Get up close and personal with our horses. Build trust and confidence. Develop new communication skills and self awareness and experience first hand how our horses respond and embrace you as part of their herd.  

Each month we will have a new and exciting exercise that will have you working with our horses through obstacles and problem recognition and solving exercises that will build on the last, promoting learning, self discovery and a unique ‘girls night’ horse experience you won’t forget!

plus hst/person

"Self Development"

Have you always loved horses, but never had the time, means or opportunity to enjoy them? Take a Mental Health day for yourself.

Are you looking to connect? Unwind and explore what horses can teach you about yourself and improve your Wellness!

Or maybe you're at the end of your rope and you need to try something different to help you enjoy your day.

Come to one of our amazing events  "Being Herd" at Kawartha Corral. 

In 1.5 hours you’ll spend  time with our team and one of our beautiful horses learning about their behaviour, care and grooming then connect, reflect and build trust through unique exercises that expand your thinking, build confidence and develop skills for personal growth. 

 Weekly and monthly programs can be tailored to your individual needs, desires and development goals to ensure you get the most out of your personal journey through the eyes of the horse.

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plus hst/private session

Available as individual, weekly or monthly sessions.

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