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What do we do at Kawartha Corral?

At Kawartha Corral we have a Passion for Horses and we truely enjoy taking good quality care of these majestic animals. We enjoy raising horses to be quality bred animals used for many disiplines Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Eventing. 

Also, we offer outdoor horse boarding with plenty room.  Horses are outside and fed twice a day plus free hay from round bales and plenty of water avaliable. Our horses have plenty of room to run and roam , and just allowed to be a horse. 

On those cold winter nights we make room in the nice warm barn. No one is left out.

Our horses at Kawartha Corral are calm, healthy and happy. 

Our passion, is horses. 

This summer at Kawartha Corral we are offering Equine Assisted Learning programs to teach Team Building and Leadership skills like communication, trust, honesty and integrity, inspiration and strong decision-making capabilities.

At Kawarth Corral we have a passion for horses which has taught us about commitment, commitment, trust and honesty. 

You too can learn to be a strong leader and show your creativity to the Team.  

Join us for one of our experiential events and see what skills can actually help your own personal self-development, mental health and growth all part of your wellness! 

Our passion is horses for Wellness! 


I believe there are good people that can teach us a lot, if we listen, practise and repeat.  I also believe horses are really intelligent and that they can teach us a lot, if we just listen and watch their behaviours, practise what they teach you and repeat their examples.

Therefore, learning comes from listening and practising something and repeatedly doing what you learn. 

In a herd of horses there are many different behaviours that can be observed. If you sit back and watch them you can actually learn a pretty good lesson or two. 

There is  a Hierarchy in a herd of horses which is very noticeable. There is always a leader and everyone else is a team player! From the strong to the weaker, working together, knowing respect, trust and how to communicate. There are rules to follow and if one of the herd gets out of hand they get redirected by another teamplayer. They are a team, they are great role models and they are very patient teachers. They accept you for who you are and if you make a mistake they show you again!

Everyone Matters!

Location, Location, Location

 Come to the gathering place and be part of the Herd at Kawartha Corral. Have some fun and laughter and learn a new skill or two.

We understand that your time is valuable and that location and quality matter when selecting a venue and program for your personal development. 

We are conveniently located just outside of Lindsay on Hwy # 35 north just north of Thunderbridge Road. 

We offer a variety of programs to choose from this Spring. 

From boarding and breeding to our exciting EQUINE ASSISTED LEARNING events teaching you Team building, Leadership and Self-development skills.


For youth try our weekly Building Block program that we deliver. This program was uniquely designed by Cartier Farms and Dreamwinds  to be an objective-based proven series of learning events, building from each previous session long your journey to wellness. 


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Kawartha Corral Equine Passions

Equine Assisted Learning

Beautiful pastures, the horses just love it. 165 acres , trails., out door

At Kawartha Corral we offer Equine Assisted Learning programs dedicated to helping you improve your wellness, mental health and self-development. 

 Try our awesome, experiential building block programs dedicated to helping individuals learn leadership and team building skills. 

 Your teacher is a horse and the programs are carried out on the ground in the corral, no riding is involved.  

 Equine Assisted Learning programs create an awareness, that arises through paying attention, on purpose in the present moment, non-judgementally.

Learn valuble skills such as leadership and team work, learn to communicate with others, become honest and trustworthy. 

Horses teach us to listen, to be quiet and follow a good example. 

By learning the dynamics of a team and following a leader teaches us the hierarchy of working together and an understanding of why everyone matters! 

Build confidence and be proud of what you can accomplish by listening to a horse.

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At Kawartha Corral our  "passion" is horses and we are breeding quality Sport Horses with grace and beauty used for dressage, hunter/jumper or eventing.  With three CSHA inspected mares as my foundation, my program has begun. At Kawartha Corral the horses have freedom to grow in the large lush pastures and with quality home grown hay!  

With plenty of freedom horses grow up strong and healthy learning how to be a horse. They learn about herd dynamics, leadership roles , social skills and where they fit in. Feeding a balanced diet is the key to good well maintained growth. When they get out in large areas , they develop with good bone, good life skills and the knowledge to take care of each other.

  I believe in weaning them slowly to produce less stress on the baby. When I wean the babies away from the mare, I believe fence weaning is the best. They can see and hear each other and still learn to live independently.

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