Welcome to Kawartha Corral

My overall intent is to create opportunities for participants to bounce back, build resilience, strength, and confidence through team building exercise with a horse. 

 We create opportunities for participant self-development and given the skills to internalize this awareness within the sessions and then generalize it to other life situations.

We offer experiential events that encourage leadership and team building which help to build relationships with others.

We believe at Kawartha Corral we offer a unique approach to learning and a powerful journey of understanding.

Our Equine partners are ready to make an awesome, experiential event, with the approach to what they know, team work. 

What is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), a non-riding program, is a relatively new field within the area of equine assisted interventions and draws primarily on the tenets of 'experiential' or 'hands on' learning. While resonating with some of the core values found within our Equine Guided Interventions in general EAL is an educational program that is facilitated within a group format and focuses on ground activities. In EAL participants engage in structured, objective-based, facilitator-led sessions with constant feedback related to the participants' experiences. 

The horse is generally considered the teacher and a human facilitator is there to help guide the participants on a journey of learning and understanding. The group sessions provide opportunities for participants to become engaged in situations that require interaction with the horse and group members, and to reflect on these experiences. 

How does it Work?

Book an appointment. This an experiential propgram where you learn from doing and participating in the group. 

First, we meet in the classroom and we have a open discussion about our objective for the session.

Next we learn about the horse, the rules of the farm and what the plan is for the objective-based session.  

 Then see what the Herd can teach you about being a team member. 

This is a fun and exciting opportunity  which turns into a new skill or one you might not think about or forgot about. The facilitators will guide you through the experience and the horses will show you how they like things done as a herd.

After spending time with the horses we go back to the classroom and debrief all the things we accomplished with an open discusition. 

I look forward to your feedback and all the recommendations you can send and remember

"Everyone Matters"